Yamagata Prefectural College of Agriculture and Forestry

The Yamagata Prefectural College of Agriculture and Forestry was founded in 1955 to foster advancement in agricultural management. Since then, we have opened our doors to over 3,500 students. As graduates of our college, they have continued as leaders in agriculture and forestry in their respective communities.

Our college is a two-year college. About 120 first and second year students reside in dormitories as they study on our campus. Our school offers cultivation programs in rice, fruits, vegetables, as well as floriculture, animal science, food processing and forestry.

Our curriculum is based on the advancement of cultivation techniques, research, and management.

The majority of our graduates become active in Yamagata prefecture’s agricultural and forest management or in companies that foster agricultural and forest growth. They take an active role on various levels in promoting agricultural and forest grown in our prefecture.